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What is Methods Stethoscope TM ?

Busy people need as much assistance as possible in managing the vast flows of data that the NHS generates. At Methods Analytics We think this means putting the information needed to inform action into the hands of decision makers in a way that makes accessing it and using it as easy as possible. We also think it means providing as many measures and metrics as are required, but as few as possible, to avoid confusion or overload. Built on Tufte’s ‘ink to information ratio’ this concept is core to our design.

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Methods Stethoscope TM is an easy to use online tool that transforms a wide range of healthcare information into transparent, benchmarked, comparative, actionable intelligence – so that decision makers can understand variation and see opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

Stethoscope TM is an evolved version of the NHS East Midlands Quality Observatory’s Acute Trust Quality Dashboard (ATQD), a free quarterly summary of 90 clinical quality and performance metrics for every non-specialist hospital in England. The ATQD is used primarily for Trust board packs to enable conversations among board members about the Trust’s differences to the national cohort but to also shed new light on data that leads to action being taken. It was also used as input by the NHS National Trust Development Authority in its review of applicant Foundation Trusts, NHS London for its Clinical Commissioning Group Assurance Framework and content was used as part of the Keogh Mortality review process.

Building on the transparent approach taken by that organisation, high level Stethoscope TM content is free to the public. More timely and granular information for hospital executives, non-executives directors, performance managers and clinical directors is subscription based, with additional alerts and drill down capability.