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To see how StethoscopeTM transforms your data into actionable intelligence call 020 7240 1121 to arrange a free demo.

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What can StethoscopeTM do for you?

  • Tailored for execs

    Fast and intuitive for senior decision makers

    How can I enable evidence based action?

    StethoscopeTM has been designed in partnership with senior NHS executives. It surfaces intuitive, actionable intelligence tailored to provide the maximum insight with the minimum noise, focusing on key metrics that warrant your attention. Full visibility of all organisations, allows you to identify those exemplifying best practice.

  • Key measures

    Keep the board informed

    How do you ensure patient risk is being managed?

    StethoscopeTM presents a clear overview of quality of care, structured in alignment with the national quality domains, showing your organisation only the details you need to see to assess potential risk.

  • Make actionable

    See your information in a national context

    How do you compare to clinical peers?

    StethoscopeTM shows you how you compare to the national cohort, with full benchmarking, and your peers. We enable you to drill down, by specialty, condition, day of the week and many other cuts of the data to understand what is causing you to be different.

  • Fast and intuitive

    Improve my clinical outcomes

    Where are my service ‘hotspots’ - now and in the future?

    Easily see where you are different now, and use trend analysis to see what is starting to go wrong and understand tomorrow’s problems today, so you can prioritise improvement.

  • My view report

    Fully customisable reporting

    My View

    This functionality enables you to create and save personalised dashboard reports. You are able to create as many reports as you wish and these will be automatically emailed to you each time Stethoscope is refreshed with new data.

  • Targets

    Local and National target tracking

    How do you compare to your organisation targets?

    This functionality enables you to set personalised targets for any indicator. You are able to create as many as you wish and these will be tracked over time by the tool to visualise performance.

  • Subscription

    Additional Consultancy built-in

    How do I get help?

    Our team of health quality outcome, mortality and data interpretation specialists bring years of experience working with the NHS to bear on your organisation, helping educate your team on the use of information, providing bespoke analysis or undertaking investigations - it's up to you.

If you'd like to find out more before you book a demo, have a look at our about section, or take a tour